Network Relationship

A network member is required to place all property and casualty and life and health business exclusively through DeWitt. DeWitt does not accept brokerage business, nor does it allow its network members to do so. This enhances loss ratios by eliminating "adverse selection." DeWitt does not place any requirements as to which companies network members may place business with. 

Generally speaking, network members will communicate with the insurance companies directly. Policies are required to be setup as direct bill, whenever possible. Producers communicate directly with company underwriters on business they are trying to place. Policies and correspondance from companies are sent directly to network members for those insurance companies that can support agency sub codes. 

Each network member is responsible for servicing their clients. This allows each member to control the quality of service their clients receive. Network members may hire appropriately licensed personel to provide service for their clients. 

DeWitt provides a secure, advanced automation system for the use of it's members. The automation system is comprised of an agency management system, rating systems, office productivity tools, and high speed web access. DeWitt incurs all costs for software licensing, software updates, hardware upgrades, support fees, and maintenance. Network members are responsible for providing their own workstations and internet connection to access the system.