Benefits of the Network

Commissions are paid as a percentage based on the producers total property and casualty volume. The percentage is the same for both new and renewal business. Commission tiers start at 70% and go higher with larger volumes. If a producer crosses from one tier to another the commission on the entire book of business is raised to the next level. Commission on life and health products are paid at the same level as the property and casualty. 

DeWitt has contracts with a large number of standard markets, most of whom are listed on our company page. The companies DeWitt has access to in the non-standard market are too numerous to mention. 

DeWitt maintains an advanced automation system for the use of it's network members. This system is available 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system can be accessed through the internet making it available to members at their homes as well as their offices. Although available through the internet, access is secure through the use of a virtual private network. 

Company Reconciliations 
Reconciliation of company statements is done by DeWitt's corporate office. 

Book of Business Financing 
DeWitt is currently developing a program that will provide financing to network members for the purpose of purchasing a book of business. More information will be provided when the program is made available.