About Us

DeWitt Insurance was founded in 1925 by Charles W. DeWitt.

Charlie DeWitt was a businessman who owned a variety of different businesses, from real estate to sports teams to insurance agencies.  He was probably best known for his ownership of the St. Louis Browns baseball team in the late 1940's. 

The Agency was incorporated in 1948 as Charles W. DeWitt Insurance Agency, Inc.  Mr. DeWitt remained active until his death in 1967.

The Agency continued and in the late 1980's its name was changed to DeWitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

In 1994 the Company formed a subsidiary named DeWitt Insurance Brokerage, Inc.  This subsidiary was set up to provide brokerage services for a variety of products related to the insurance industry.  In 2001 we changed our name to DeWitt Insurance, Inc.

Just as Charlie's baseball team has survived, (Now the Baltimore Orioles), so has the Agency he started in 1925.